Study in ITB

You will need a visa to enter Indonesia – in which you can obtain at the nearest Embassy or Consular Office of Indonesia in your country. Please visit these link bellow to get further information abour your pre-departure preparation :


If you need for more information or discussion about student exchange program, please do not hesitate to contact us to :

ITB Executive Directorate of Student Enrollment Management and Education Cooperation
Gd. CCAR ITB lt.4, Jl. Tamansari 64 Bandung
Phone           : 022-2508519
Phone           : 022-2530689
Facs               : 022-2508519
E-mail           :

or to :

ITB International Relation Office (IRO)
Jl. Ganesa no. 17 Bandung
Phone           : 022-2504282
Facs               : 022-2504282
E-mail           :
E-mail           :