First Period Result Notification – First Year Student

ITB International Undergraduate Program selection result for the first admission period will be announced on Thursday, April 18th 2019, 15.00 western Indonesian time. Please relogin to with your selection number and password, to download your selection result notification. 

To confirm your acceptance as a student of ITB International Undergraduate Program, you need to pay academic fees. The rate of academic fees of ITB International Undergraduate Program is as follows:

  • For Indonesian nationals (WNI-Warga Negara Indonesia)
    • Tuition Fee (per semester) :
      • Non-Management Study Program : IDR 30,000,000 (Nett, excl. Bank Transfer Fee)
      • Management Study Program : IDR 40,000,000 (Nett, excl. Bank Transfer Fee)
  • For foreign nationals (WNA-Warga Negara Asing):
    • Admission Fee (paid once when registered as new student) : IDR 22,500,000 (Nett, excl. Bank Transfer Fee)
    • Tuition Fee (per semester) :
      • Non-Management Study Program : IDR 42,000,000 (Nett, excl. Bank Transfer Fee)
      • Management Study Program : IDR 46,500,000 (Nett, excl. Bank Transfer Fee)

Education Fees do not cover the following:

  • Cost of international exposure program, which will be separately determined depending on type of academic program and conditional living cost at overseas partner institutions.
  • Cost of living and accommodation
  • Cost of textbooks and other educational expenses
  • Personal costs and necessities.
  • ITB does not provide any financial support (such as scholarship, tuition exemption or waiver) for students of International Undergraduate Program.

Payment shall be made from Wednesday, April 24th until Thursday, May 9th 2019 (at the latest) by bank transfer to the following account:

  • Bank Name : Bank BNI Cabang PTB
  • Account Number : 0900001013
  • Account Name : Penampungan BPP-S1
  • Swift Code : BNINIDJAITB
  • Bank Address : Jl. Tamansari No. 80 Bandung

Promptly scan and upload the receipt to your account at (by May 9th 2019, 23.59 western Indonesian time, at the latest). Please be assured that transfer validation slip clearly states your identity (full name, selection number, and the study program of which you are admitted to). Failing to do so will cause cancellation of your admission to ITB.

For student who has paid the first semester academic fees, Letter of Acceptance (LoA) must be downloaded from your account at starting from Tuesday, May 21th 2019.

You are required to attend in-person registration of new student of ITB on August 1st 2019, 08.00 – 10.00 western Indonesian time. Information about the in-person registration can be seen on this link.


Executive Directorate of Student Enrollment Management and Education Cooperation