ITB Academic Qualification Test (ITB AQ Test)

ITB AQ Test is an equivalent of international academic qualifications for applying ITB International Undergraduate Program. Applicant who already taken SAT do not need to take ITB AQ Test. It is intended to assess individual’s learning potential or learning ability; a potential to follow through and succeed higher education. The ITB AQ Test measures verbal ability, quantitative ability, and reasoning ability. The verbal test masures an individual’s ability to solve problems associated with words or language. The quantitative test measures individual’s understanding on mathematical concepts and applying logic numbers to solve problems. The reasoning test measures individual’s ability to select and organize relevant information related to problem solving. ITB AQ Test is conducted in English using Computer Based Test (CBT) format. The duration of the test is 150 minutes.

ITB AQ Test is applicable only for the second application period (see the schedule section), therefore those applying in the first application period must provide SAT result.

ITB AQ Test will be conducted twice within the second application period: May and June. Applicants need to take only one test and he/she may choose suitable date to attend the test. ITB AQ Test is conducted in ITB Campus.

Applicants who wish to take ITB AQ test shall register at application online system using his/her own applicant’s account and pay ITB AQ Test fee. This fee is separate and differ to ITB International Undergraduate Program Application Fee.

On the test date, participants shall bring the ITB AQ Test Card (downloaded from the registration site) and Identity Card (KTP/Passport/other ID Card), and shall dress modestly (neat, wearing shoes and no sandals).