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Information about In-Person Registration for ITB International Transfer Student

The program admits transfer students who wish to pursue undergradute degree at ITB on International Undergraduate Program. This program is open only for foreign nationals. All academic activities are given in English as the primary language of instruction. In its part, the program offers international mobility activities with ITB’s overseas partner universities, either on double degree programs or as an exchange program for one or two semesters.

  • At present, there are 6 (six) offered study programs:
    • Pharmaceutical Science & Technology (School of Pharmacy)
    • Clinical & Community Pharmacy (School of Pharmacy)
    • Chemical Engineering (Faculty of Industrial Technology)
    • Mechanical Engineering (Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
    • Aerospace Engineering (Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
    • Management (School of Business and Management, majoring in International Business)
  • Admission to ITB International Transfer Program is based on desk evaluation. Applicants must register and submit all required documents through online system.


General requirement

  • The foreign nationals completed a minimum of 4 semester study at overseas university on program related to the ITB study program to be chosen.
  • Has a maximum age of 23 years-old by August 1st 2019
  • Demonstrate good command and knowledge of English as shown by one of the following English language proficiency result:
    1. Internet-based test (iBT) TOEFL with minimum score of 61, or
    2. IELTS with minimum score of 5.5 (General Test)
  • Demonstrate good academic grades as shown by his/her semester-to-semester University Transcript
  • Do not have color blindness condition (total or partial) when applying for the following study-programs:
  • Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
  • Clinical and Community Pharmacy
  • Chemical Engineering


Application procedure

All admission procedures are conducted online through

  • Applicant shall register first using his/her valid email address to have application number.
  • Fill in the data as required in the online application forms
  • Submit scanned version of the following documents :
  • A verified document indicating completion of high school or its equivalent, such as :
    • High School Graduation Certificate/Diploma, or
    • Official High School Transcript containing statement that the applicant has graduated from high school, or
    • Official Statement from the High School Headmaster confirming that the applicant has graduated from high school
  • One of the following English language proficiency level certificate :
    • Internet Based Test (iBT) International TOEFL with the minimum score of 61, or
    • IELTS with the minimum score of 5.5
  • Complete Official University Academic Transcript, minimum for 4 semester, from first semester to the most recent semester
  • Sylaby form all courses that written on University Academic Transcript
  • Application Fee Payment Receipt
  • Valid Passport
  • Recent color photograph
  • Color Blindness Verification, issued by Ophthalmologist, for applicants of the following study programs:
    • Pharmaceutical Science & Technology
    • Clinical & Community Pharmacy
    • Chemical Engineering
  • Payment of fees shall be fulfilled within application period, fail to do so will make his/her application process not be proceed



Due to time constraint associated with student visa application in Indonesia, ITB International Transfer Program (applicable for foreign national only) opens application for one period :

  • Online application                                       : February 5th – March 27th, 2019
  • Application deadline                                   : March 27th, 2019
  • Notification of selection result                  : April 18th, 2019
  • Payment confirmation deadline               : May 9th, 2019


Fees and Payment

Application Fee for ITB International Transfer Program is IDR 1,000,000 (Nett, excl. Bank Transfer Fee) per submission.

  • Payment for Application Fee can be made by transfer to the following account :
    • Bank Name            : Bank BNI Cabang PTB
    • Payment Account : 988 00211 97000101
    • Account Name       : Pendaftaran Kelas Internasional Sarjana ITB
    • Swift Code              : BNINIDJAITB
    • Bank Address        : Jl. Tamansari No. 80 Bandung
  • Please upload the Application Fee Payment Receipt to your application account within the application period, fail to do so will make your application process not be proceed.

Education Fees :

  • Admission Fee (paid once when registered as new student) : IDR 22,500,000 (Nett, excl. Bank Transfer Fee)
  • Tuition Fee (per semester) :
    • Non-Management Study Program : IDR 42,000,000 (Nett, excl. Bank Transfer Fee)
    • Management Study Program : IDR 46,500,000 (Nett, excl. Bank Transfer Fee)
  • Education Fees do not cover the following:
    • Cost of international exposure program, which will be separately determined depending on type of academic program and conditional living cost at overseas partner institutions.
    • Cost of living and accommodation
    • Cost of textbooks and other educational expenses
    • Personal costs and necessities.
  • ITB does not provide any financial support (such as scholarship, tuition exemption or waiver) for students of International Undergraduate Program.

Payment of Application Fee shall be made during the application period. First semester Tuition fee is paid after being admitted as ITB student and informed in the Notification of Selection Result on the noted deadline as the confirmation of admission.

  • ITB will not refund any payment that has been made.
  • Detail procedures of payment will be updated later in this webpage.


Online Application

Please visit following link to apply for ITB International Transfer Program Admission :

For new user, click here
If you have an account, click here




Further information about admission to ITB International Transfer Program can be accessed through:

ITB Executive Directorate of Student Enrollment Management and Education Cooperation
CCAR ITB Building 4th floor , Jl. Tamansari 64 Bandung
Phone           : +62-22-2508519
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